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Hosted by USA Today bestselling author Becca Syme and award-winning marketer Chris Syme

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The best mother-daughter one-two punch in book marketing!

Join Becca and Chris to discover how to be a true smarty pants book marketer with everything from social media to email list building to website essentials and much more. You'll also get an opportunity to hear from some of the top book marketing experts and indie authors who have succeeded at marketing their own books using smarty pants strategies.

What Makes This Podcast Different--you know, why should you listen?

Most book marketing podcasts just give you information...and that is great. We'll do plenty of that. But if you really want to learn how to be a marketer, not just "do marketing", then you'll love this podcast. Co-hosts award-winning marketer Chris Syme and bestselling indie author Becca Syme bring their years of experience to the table to give indie authors actionable help to overcome the challenges of selling their books. You'll get the marketing expert side and the indie author side on all the tactics. In addition to their sage advice, they'll be bringing on smarty pants experts to zero in on specific challenges you face in marketing.

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