Essential Elements Of A Social Media Policy

This piece is part of my continuing series on the essential elements of crisis prevention strategies. Incorporating social media into your organization without a social media policy is a risk. Guidelines are the bedrock of your strategy and the guide posts that keep everyone on the same page. They are the boundaries that allow you […]

Keeping Students In The Game: Accelerate Their Fan Experience

Marketing directors and college athletic directors everywhere are scratching their heads trying to figure out how to get students to the games and keep them there. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that student attendance is even waning in the elite Southeastern Conference, and fielding a winning team isn’t necessarily the answer to getting students […]

Pull Back The Curtains And Give Your Fans A Peek

Social media content can be a puzzle. Finding the right mix of organic versus produced, user-generated versus brand journalism, and fan-centric versus brand centric can be a conundrum. But there’s one thing you’ve got that all your fans want—a look behind the curtain. To fans, games are more than plays and scores.  Bringing them in […]