Your Guide To Holiday Social Media Strategy

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or New Year’s, the end of each calendar year is a time for reflection and giving thanks for many people. It’s also a time when brands thank those people that have supported them throughout the year, especially organizations that rely on the donations of others. In higher education and […]

Preventing Crisis in College Athletics: Student-Athlete Social Media Training

This piece is part of my continuing series on the essential elements of crisis prevention strategies. Even though this piece is aimed at crisis in college athletics, the principles apply across the board to all organizations. The basic reputation of a college athletic brand is directly connected to its student-athletes: how they compete, how they […]

University of Florida Sets Good Example Of How To Handle Crisis

“Be quick but don’t hurry.” Those famous words of legendary basketball coach John Wooden describe the path to disciplined speed that every athlete strives for.  When looking at case studies of how to handle crisis, it’s uncommon to see an organization quickly get out in front of an unpopular crisis that could flush their reputation […]