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  • Offline Strategies For Building Your Email List

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    Building a large email list requires multiple strategies, one of which is taking advantage of offline opportunities. We concentrate so much on gathering email addresses online that we forget there are a number of good opportunities to grab them offline as well. If you’re an author serious about building your email list, you’ll want to be taking advantage of all avenues. Here are some quick offline strategies you can use. » Read More
  • Three Email List Building Essentials For Fiction Authors

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    If you’re a fan of my blog or have read my latest book, you know that building an email list is one of the “Big Three” marketing strategies I recommend all authors must be doing to sell more books and build loyal fans. In my upcoming book (scheduled to be released July 1) I will be giving authors a handbook on how to build an effective email list no matter if you haven’t published a book yet or if you have multiple series of books out there. The key to list building is not using a one-size-fits-all template but understanding the relationship between the maturity of your author platform and your email list building strategies. » Read More
  • Should You Convert Your Facebook Profile to a Business Page?

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    Do you need a business Facebook Page or can you get by with just a personal profile? Well, that depends on your goals. » Read More
  • Why Authors Need A Personal Profile And A Facebook Business Page

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    There is no social media platform more befuddling than Facebook. There is also no other social media channel with the kind of popularity Facebook enjoys: 71% of online adults are active there. The next most popular channel has less than 30%. With the sweetest demographic range of all the social media channels as well as the best set of tools for selling in-channel, Facebook is a no-brainer for authors who want to use social media as a marketing tool. » Read More
  • 5 Tips To Keep Bullying At Bay In Your Blog Comments

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    Bullying is so ingrained in our culture today that we don’t even notice it anymore. And one of the places they flourish is in your blog comments. If you allow comments on your blog, you may want to consider discouraging a culture of bullying. There is nothing that will stifle a discussion faster than a mouthy know-it-all who can’t stand an opposition to their narrow view. » Read More
  • Why Authors Need to Separate Business Media From Social Media

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    In the last thirty days, there were over 140,000 new releases on Amazon. Currently there are over three million books ebooks and 30 million paperbacks for sale on A recent Author Guild report in Publisher’s Weekly noted that 56% of authors who responded to the extensive 2015 survey made less than $11,670 (U.S. poverty level) in the last year. Part-time writers have seen a median income drop of 37% since 2009. The proliferation of ebooks has not created a proliferation of income. What’s an author to do? » Read More
  • Sell More Books With Social Media – Part 2

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    Can you sell more books with social media?  Certainly. Will social media ever be a main source of book sales? Not in the foreseeable future. Do you want to ignore the stream of book sales you can make and loyal … Read More » Read More
  • How 1-800-GOT-JUNK Won the Inbox on April Fools Day

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    I knew when I opened my email this morning there would be some creative attempts at using April Fools Day to draw attention » Read More
  • Sell More Books With Social Media – Part 1

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    These days, all we hear is that every author has to be on social media. Or the flip side: ”social media is a royal waste of time. I don’t see how all those likes add up to book sales.” » Read More
  • Finding and Building Your Most Value Book Marketing Asset: Audience

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    I am still digesting the wonderful post from the BookBub Partners Blog on the 98 Book Marketing Ideas That Can Help Authors Increase Sales. The first section of the presentation addresses what I think is the fundamental bedrock of successful book marketing: Know Thy Audience. » Read More
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