How Social Media Monitoring Boosts The Bottom Line – Part 2

Do you have an active social media monitoring system? I bet you’ve got an active social media presence. Broadcasting without listening puts you at a disadvantage. In the first installment of this article, we looked at the benefits of listening, key conversations you need to listen to, and an overview of the tools available. Now […]

How Social Media Monitoring Boosts The Bottom Line [Part 1]

In 2015, it is startling that some brands are still using social media in broadcast mode only. When social media first emerged around 2008, there were so few brands in the social media space that broadcasting was effective because it was novel. But in a climate where engagement is choked down by platforms and noise […]

Social Media Is Your Advocate In A Crisis

I began surveying NCAA athletic departments about crisis preparation and communication in 2002 when I was a graduate student in athletic administration at Eastern Washington University. In my research I found that only 50 percent of NCAA athletic departments had a crisis management policy within their athletic department. That was BSM (Before Social Media).

Do Athletic Departments Have A Right To Check If Athletes Are In Class?

A piece in the Chronicle of Higher Ed today by Brad Wolverton (subscription-only link) reported on the debate of phone applications that record student-athletes checking into classes on campus. There were certainly pros and cons in the article, but the founder of one of the software applications used what I think is an unfortunate description […]