How To Report And Shut Down Fake Twitter Accounts

There are two sides to every coin. When I travel to train student-athletes and coaches about using social media responsibly we always talk about cyber safety, including fake Twitter accounts. Some athletes think a fake account would be a compliment and see it as a sign they are popular. That’s when I like to pull […]

Build Your Brand Value With Embedded Twitter Timelines

We know that the most effective digital content lies in the intersection between what our followers value and what we value. Whether it is real-time scores and news, feature stories, well-produced videos and images, or links we find on the web to share, the content we share tells a story about what and who we […]

Boost Your Live Event With Instagram Stories

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Considering the real-time pace of a live event, images are a perfect way to engage the divided attention of attendees and give online followers the feeling they are there as well.  Using a storyboard to boost your live event with Instagram will guarantee that you capture […]