K-12 Social Media Policies Needed On Student-Staffer Interactions

Another warning bell rang this week in the debate on setting K-12 social media policies for how staffers and students interact on digital media.  A study released by a former Department of Education staffer revealed that social media and texting play a large part in the development of inappropriate relationships between school staffers and students.

How To Decipher Your Twitter Analytics – Part One

For almost two years, Twitter users have enjoyed the benefit of a robust set of analytics direct from Twitter. But how many of us know how to access them and, more importantly, can figure out what they actually mean? Today’s goal is to help you learn the basics of how to decipher your Twitter analytics.

First Steps To A Successful Social Media Marketing Plan

In the previous installment of the brand-building series, we identified the necessary pieces to put in place to build a successful social media marketing plan. Using the working definition that strategic means specific and sequential, in this piece we’ll roll up our sleeves and start the building process. First, some ground rules:

Best Practices For Snapchat: College Version

I was asked to repost and update an earlier blog piece from 2014 on best practices for college Snapchat accounts. I’d like to see your suggestions in the comments. Always learning. Thanks for asking. When little children get a new toy, they are enamored—for about three minutes. Then, it goes in the pile. When social […]