How To Include Social Media In Your Crisis Communications Plan

Crisis communications plans are not new. They are a staple in most organizations. But judging from my Inbox, many organizations are searching for information on how to include social media contingencies in their plans. Over the next couple weeks, I am going to share a simple, straight-forward plan on how to incorporate social media channels […]

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What The New Twitter Cards Can Do For You

There’s no arguing that Facebook occupies the top spot of social media platforms, garnering 71 percent of adult online users according to Pew Internet’s latest numbers. In that same report at the end of 2013, Twitter occupied fourth place among adult usage behind LinkedIn and Pinterest engaging 18 percent of adults online. But while Facebook […]

How Big Events And Social Media Can Turbo Boost Campus Success

Next week, March Madness will come to an end as new men’s and women’s college basketball champions will be crowned. After starting with 132 teams, there will only be two standing. Social media has played a huge part in this year’s championships as schools take advantage of added exposure to promote their schools on a […]

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The Case for Student Privacy on Social Media

Everybody’s worried about teens on social media. Whether it’s coaches, teachers, college presidents, parents, or compliance officers, everyone wants students to learn to use social media responsibly. For some coaches, that means banning student-athletes from using it. Some schools are blocking social media use during school hours. Parents are forcing teens to friend them on social […]