How Big Brands Build Social Media Engagement

We don’t have a social media dictionary…yet. Concepts like engagement and measurement mean many things to many people. We do have best practices per se, but even those seem subjective. We hear experts telling us we have to interact with all our fans, that social media is about one-on-one conversations, and that we need to […]

What Student-Athletes Need to Know About Cyber Harassment

One in five college students report they have been bullied, stalked, or harassed online , with some studies estimating as high as 34 percent (Baldasare, Bauman, Goldman & Robie, 2012).  A recent study reported that over 70 percent of their college student respondents indicated a desire for prevention education targeted at online safety.  Yet  only […]

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What Students Need To Know About Social Media Personal Branding

The University of Indiana set a precedent recently with the announcement of a comprehensive Student-Athlete Bill of Rights.  The first of its kind, the document lays out a list of benefits to incoming athletes that includes a “lifetime degree guarantee,” medical and health services, academic services, and even specialized social media training.