The Top 5 Podcasts of 2017 – Listeners’ Choice

What we started on a whim has now become a force with over 5000 downloads per month and growing every week. The Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast started as a way for my daughter Becca and I to help indie authors sort through all the marketing nonsense out there and find the nuggets that really work to sell more books and build raving fans.


Becca is a USA Today bestselling author and I am an award winning marketer—that’s what we tell people at the beginning of each show. We think we think we have the best of both worlds to bring you the most unique marketing advice out there. Thanks to all of you who have supported the podcast. Here are the most listened to and commented on podcasts of 2017, and here’s to another year!


Your Choices:


  1. What Pronoun’s Demise Means For All Authors with Anne Janzer. In this podcast bestselling nonfiction author Anne Janzer breaks down the fallout of Pronoun’s demise, and shares her personal story of migrating her books off the new platform. Listen here.


  1. Indie Author Zara Keane Shares Her Book Marketing Secrets. Cozy mystery author Zara Keane brings her special brand of marketing expertise to our audience as we talk email follow-up sequences, prequels, and more. Listen here.


  1. Five Book Marketing Trends Set to Expire in 2018. In this episode we take a look at where marketing trends are going in the business world. What is going to work going forward and what you may want to consider cutting away. Listen here.


  1. Three of the Biggest Book Marketing Myths Debunked. In this good cop/ bad cop episode we dissect three of the most misunderstood ideas about book marketing. Listen here.


  1. The Secret to Writing Better Faster. Our most popular episode of the year: In this show we talk about Becca’s online class on how to write better faster using your personal strengths as a starting point. Becca developed this method based on her training as a Gallup Strengths Finder certified coach. Listen here.


Thanks again for being a loyal listener. It’s our goal in 2018 to bring you even better shows than we did in 2017. You can subscribe here by clicking on the button under the podcast player. There is a link for iTunes and also for Stitcher (Android).  Subscribers get the podcasts delivered on Mondays and the podcast goes out on the website on Tuesdays.