Why 10 Genuine Social Media Followers are Better Than 10,000 Fake Ones

One of the most common questions I get is, “how can I get more social  media followers?” Although I feel the pain, gauging your social media success by your number of followers is focusing on the wrong outcome.

Social Media Explorer recently published a post on how to boost your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with social media content.  The layman’s interpretation of SEO: how to get your books and your brand discovered by interested readers. In the post, they talked about the bad business practice of buying or borrowing followers to boost your numbers:

“Just as you can’t buy traffic for your website, you cannot buy followers on social media. While there are companies that offer to sell traffic and followers, buying does not count since the followers are either just robots or not interested. Plus, you’ll hurt your SEO efforts if you don’t earn everything the right way as Google has ways to detect it. Gain followers organically by sharing relevant, unique content and engaging with them. It’s better to have ten genuine followers than 10,000 fake ones.”

Organic followers are people that find you “naturally.” They search and click on a link. They like what they see and follow. They find an opt-in form for your email list and sign up because they are interested in your books. They already have what I call one level of opt-in. They are warm, not cold leads.

Why Warm is Better

Whatever you do in marketing to gather new followers or “leads” as they are called in business, make sure you are gathering them organically. Those leads have already indicated they are interested in your books because they took an action to like, comment, subscribe, or share. They are warm. They now know who are you.

Warm leads are easier to sell books to. You can increase the temperature of a lead by giving them valuable content and inviting them to connect with you personally. Remember that your email list, your social media followers, and your blog subscribers have already indicated that they want to hear from you. Keep connecting so they don’t grow cold and you’ll be building an invested audience of loyal readers.

Don’t be discouraged by your low follower numbers. Building a warm organic audience is a labor of love—you’re making friends. If you build your follower numbers naturally, then ten genuine followers will be more valuable than ten thousand fake ones.