Revisiting Your 2017 Challenge For A Better Year

March is almost here and many of us who made commitments to new habits heading into 2017 are starting to evaluate our progress . How are you doing? Is it time to revisit your 2017 challenge?


2017 Challenge

I used to cringe at New Year’s resolutions. Mostly because it didn’t take me long to break them—sometimes just days. Then I’d throw up my hands and declare the whole thing to be a farce and proceed to get on with life as it always had been. But in reality I was cheating myself.

There is no rule that says you can’t revisit your goals and re-commit to a course of action. It’s a pretty outstanding human that can make a resolution one time and just do it. According to, people who try and quit smoking cold turkey are more likely to cheat and have a relapse without some sort of ongoing tool like nicotine therapy. It feels wimpy to admit we can’t just grit our teeth and get it done. But that’s not realistic.

Behavioral psychologists tell us that changing a habit is a process, not just a decision. So as we head into March after a short February, maybe it’s time to revisit and walk through the 30-Day Challenge to a Better 2017. If you followed along in December, walk through it again. You make new habits by repetition.

If you didn’t go through the challenge with us in December, I invite you to start today. There is no magic in beginning a challenge on January 1. You can drive a stake in the ground any day of the year. If you did start in December, how are you doing?

Start Today

Take one challenge each day. There are three main types of challenges: author business, personal wellness, and book marketing.  I suggest you start a journal to chronicle your adventure. I also suggest you join my private Facebook group, SMART Marketing For Authors. Many of the authors there started the challenge in December and are there to encourage each other in the process.