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We offer online courses aimed at helping authors and virtual assistants master social media marketing. Our classes are different because we don't just give you the information, we make sure you learn it and know how to implement it into your own customized marketing plan. See a list of open classes below. All classes are on-demand and come with unlimited access: there is no deadline to finish the course!

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NOW AVAILABLE ($19): How to Find & Target Your Readers on Social Media 

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NOW AVAILABLE (FREE): Quick Tips To Selling More Books on Facebook PLUS The New Facebook Page Layout. 

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NOW AVAILABLE (FREE): 5+ Email Marketing Essentials For Authors!

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Carol Buchanan

Author of The Vigilante Quartet series

“After just a few lessons in Chris' Mastering Social Media Book Marketing For Authors online course, I knew it was already worth it. No other marketing class I’ve ever taken has offered tools to help define where I am as a writer and what I should be concentrating on in platform- building and marketing”

Here's how our online classes have helped authors:

Alison Aimes

Author of Trapped

 "Working with Chris was transformative! As a new author, I've felt for a while now that I was spinning my wheels when it came to marketing and promo-- trying a bunch of things without truly knowing if they were effective-- and then I found Chris and clarity.

I already plan to work with Chris again when I'm ready to advance to the next stage in my writing career."

Comprehensive multiple module courses with loads of learning tools designed to help you build loyal fans and sell more books. Courses are on-demand and have unlimited access.

In this class you'll learn how to transform your social media pages so they sell more books. This is our most popular class and it includes:

  • 6 Jam-Packed Videos: Each lesson is delivered with a video packed with the why, what, and how. Lessons include a downloadable slide deck for taking notes and custom tools to help you implement the material. 
  • Hands-On Learning Labs: Each lesson has a practical element where you learn how to put the lesson into practice now.
  • Community Mentoring: You can join the private Facebook group designed to help you with any questions and network with other authors in the course.

This class is designed and priced for indie authors who want to learn how to optimize their social media channels to sell more books. Click the URL here to go directly to the class info page:

This is my flagship comprehensive course on all things related to online book marketing. There is no other course out there like this one--I guarantee it. In this class you'll get all the information on latest marketing techniques plus signature learning labs with each module to insure you know how to implement what you're learning. 

There are seven in-depth modules with multiple videos and tools in each: 

1. Building a Better Platform: The basics of platform building based on the two gold standards: build loyal fans and sell more books. 

2. How Can I Create Content That Fans Crave? The keys to content that creates engagement including my exclusive Content Bucket System. 

3. Create Inspiring Images That Get Attention: Everything images and video from composition to the best tools to get those professional-looking images even using your smartphone. 

4. Social Media Promotions: How To Know If They Work. Solid methods that can help you decide which of those online packages really work, which are worth their cost, and which you should avoid. 

5. How To Sell With Social Media: This module stresses page optimization, choosing the right social media channels to interact on, and how (and when) to use Facebook ads. 

6. The 5-Step Master Marketing Plan: This module includes understanding how to market based on goals and walks you step-by-step through the creation of your own master marketing plan based on your skills, resources, time, and platform level. It contains the life-changing Personal Inventory Worksheet.  

7. BONUS: Serious Email Marketing Basics: This bonus module addresses how to create, grow, and maintain a robust email list and what types of email content you should use to keep the list engaged. It includes information on how to set-up a mandatory auto responder funnel that warms up your signees initially and allows you to upsell your books without being pushy. 

You Will Also Get: 

Hands-On Learning Labs: Each lesson has a practical element where you learn how to put the lesson into practice now.
Community Mentoring: You can join the private Facebook group designed to help you with any questions and network with other authors in the course.
The course material is available on-demand with unlimited access. Email with any questions.

Comprehensive Courses 

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Mastering Book Marketing 

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Turn Your Social Media Pages Into Shopping Channels.

"I have spent the past year trying to get a handle on the new social media tools and practical advice on how to use them without becoming a slave to them. I felt completely out of it when I signed up for the social media Webinar with Chris. Now I feel like I am in the swim of it. Out of the library and into the stream of the web. Hooray!"

Diane Wolff

Author, Journalist, Blogger

Here's how one of our classes helped author Diane Wolff:

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