Five Online Book Marketing Courses That Authors Should Consider in 2016

Authors need a reliable source of instruction on a variety of subjects related to book publishing. The investment to take online book marketing courses should be dictated by how developed your platform is. For instance, if you are a fiction author with only one book, an online class in writing will be more beneficial than a class in marketing. Unless you have a few books to sell or a series already published, most of these offerings below should be put on hold for you. Each class involves an investment of your time and money so make sure you choose classes that are appropriate to your learning level.

online book marketing courses

If you are a nonfiction author looking to build a platform for consulting, teaching, or speaking, then most of these classes can be very helpful. I’ve tried to give you an idea what each class can help you develop. Before you invest, always consider the cost and your level of expertise before diving in. Some of these courses are only offered at certain times of the year so you’ll want to get on their email list if you are interested.

  1. Selling For Authors from Bryan Cohen. I would recommend this course for authors at all levels except those that have written just one book and are struggling with whether to write any more. The meat of Bryan’s course is copywriting and I believe all authors at any stage can benefit from knowing how to write better book descriptions, blurbs, ads, and emails to sell your books.
  2. Jump Start Your Facebook Marketing from Amy Porterfield. If you’re a fiction author with a series and you’re ready to step up your marketing, this is an excellent course on building your Facebook presence aimed at selling. This course is not aimed at writers but business people in general. I  do recommend it for writers because Amy’s courses are always applicable for everyone and they are budget friendly.
  3. Mastering Social Media Book Marketing from Chris Syme. Coming in the end of January, this course will help authors at every level of marketing expertise learn how to use social media to sell more books and build raving fans. This course is recommended for authors with more than one book who are working on publishing as a career path.

Advance Offerings:

4. Nonfiction Writers: Create Six Figure Classes (how to build an online class business) from Jeanine Blackwell. If you are serious about making an income from your area of expertise and want to learn how to build successful online classes, I recommend Jeanine Blackwell’s Six Figure Courses.

5. Facebook Ads class from Mark Dawson. This class specializes in building an email list for selling books. I have taken the course and feel there is no better class out there for navigating your way through the Facebook ad maze. It’s a bonus that it is led by an author for authors.  I recommend this class for fiction authors who have a whole series completed or any nonfiction author trying to build a consulting or selling platform with a book. Not recommended for beginning authors with just one or two books.

Bonus for Every Level:

Author Marketing Club from Jim Kukral. You can learn a lot from this site even if you don’t have the budget to join the premium version of the club. Jim offers free mini courses and webinars and if you become a premium member for $149/year, you will get access to all the learning modules and book marketing tools. I am a member and think it’s very worthwhile.