Introducing The Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast – Episode 001

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podcast logoEpisode 001: Meet the Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast with Chris and Becca Syme


Show Notes:

Welcome to the first episode of the Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast. In this episode co-hosts Chris and Becca Syme talk about the new show, why you should listen, and preview some of the great guests and features coming on the show. You’ll also learn how you can win fantastic prizes during the month of June helping us promote the show by using the show hashtag (#SmartyPantsPodcast) on Twitter and Facebook and by leaving reviews on iTunes and Stitcher.

Links in this episode: 

Podcast Headquarters and June Kickoff Contest Info

Use the Twitter and Facebook hashtag to qualify to win: #SmartyPantsPodcast

If you leave a review on either Stitcher or iTunes, send Chris and email to be eligible for those grand prizes: (don’t forget to tell us where you reviewed)

Connect with Chris and Becca on social media. Click each one for a link:

SMART Marketing for Authors Facebook group

Becca on Twitter: @beck_a_tron

Becca’s Facebook page

Chris on Twitter: @cksyme

Chris’ Facebook page

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