How To Switch Your Instagram Profile To a Business Account

If Instagram is your thing, there’s good news for authors: you can now switch your personal profile to a business account and get access to some nifty features. There isn’t a whole stable of tools yet, but if I know Facebook, there are many more to come.

The process is very simple if you have a Facebook business page. All you have to do is go into your settings and connect your Instagram page to your Facebook business page. Click here for a link to take you through the process. When you’re done, your Facebook business page name will now be the name on our Instagram account but all your content remains.

You will have the opportunity to add some additional information to your profile that identifies you as a brand. Here’s a screenshot of my new profile:

Instagram screenshotThe advantage here is discoverability. Readers are more likely to find you in search and you’ll also have access to business features as they roll out. You’ll also have the benefit of branding between your Facebook page and your Instagram account. I tend to believe that this may be a bonus if you use Facebook ads and want to coordinate them with your Instagram account.

I use Instagram as an outpost and not a main connection channel, so note that I am asking people to go to a different location to connect. Because I am a nonfiction writer and usually try and send new followers to my blog, I have my blog URL in my profile as a place where I connect.  I like the idea of gaining that Facebook branding as well because I use my Facebook business page as my primary social media channel.

I recommend you take a look at changing your Instagram profile to a business profile if you are using Instagram as an author. If it is just your personal account and you aren’t trying to gather readers there, you might want to keep your profile personal.