How To Share A Post From Your Facebook Profile To Your Author Page

Many authors have built quite a following of fans on their Facebook profile. And although that is a great start, I always coach authors to set up a business Page for two reasons:

  • Build connections and loyalty as a professional author.
  • Take advantage of all the sales tools the business Page has to offer.

Build Connections

You are an author but you are also a business person. Facebook business Pages have all the connection potential of your profile page. The difference is you are building strong connections and relationships in an environment where people can buy your books, sign up for your newsletter, or go to your website without ever having to leave Facebook. A Facebook Page is not just for selling. In the book Trust Agents, online marketing pioneer Chris Brogan explains that the ability to sell something is built on trust—in you and in your information. And that trust begins with a connection of friendship. Be a friend on your author Page as well as you profile. Just because we call them fans does not mean they aren’t friends.

Give Opportunities to Take an Action

Facebook has a bunch of sales tools attached to their business Pages. You don’t need to rely on your content to sell things or sign people up, you make the opportunities available through apps, links, call-to-action buttons, cover photos and more. Save your content for connecting and add an occasional selling post. Try using an 80-20 rule: 80% of your posts should be about building that relationship with a fan and 20% can be about promotion. Let the Page do the work of selling and you do the work of connecting.

Produce Connecting Content

The trick to engaging and retaining on your Facebook Page (or your profile) is offering the kind of content that fans crave. In my online class, Turn Your Social Media Pages Into Shopping Channels, I go into great detail on how to do just that. Today, I want to give you a tip on how you can take the most engaging posts from your personal profile and share them to your author Page. This practice is a great way to supplement the content on your Page. As Dr. Axe recently said on the Amy Porterfield podcast, “you have to let them (fans) know you.”

This is a pretty easy two-step process:

  1. Find the post on your personal profile you want to share on your author Page and click “share.” This defaults to “share on your timeline” so make sure you click “share on a page you manage.”

Facebook postNext, a list of business Pages you manage will pop up and you choose the page you want to share on and then click share. Remember that the name on the share will be your profile name.

Facebook post

What To Share?

When deciding what you should share from your personal profile to your author Page, think of posts that your fans would be interested in. Always look at your content through your fans’ eyes. I think it really helps to think of your fans as friends. Not intimate friends you share every detail of your life with, but group friends—people you interact with at the gym, in parent groups, in your neighborhood parties, in church, at the pub—whatever. What would interest them? Remember, you have to let them know you.

Make Your Business Page A Gathering

Your Facebook business Page is a place where people think of you as an author first. That is why it’s set up to help people buy your books and take other actions related to your business. But if you want to develop loyalty, you have to be a friend. Open up your settings so people can post on your Page. You can delete anything that is spam-y or promotional or distasteful. Don’t worry about that. Like their posts, respond to their questions—let them know you. Remember, they opted in to your page so they want to get to know you. Yes, you are an author and a business person but you want your fans to feel like they know you as a person too. Sharing engaging posts from your personal profile to your author Page is a great way to do that.

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