Giving Thanks Where Thanks Is Due

It’s fall on the farm and that means harvest. All the fields look like gleaming gold blankets.Thanksgiving is coming. A time to reflect on the who and what of our blessings and for giving thanks.

This past week, Becca and I found out that our podcast, The Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast, was nominated for a national award by Digital Book World. Along with five other podcasters, we are nominated for the Best Use of Podcasting in Book Marketing award. Joanna Penn gave me heads up about the nomination so thanks to her for getting it on our radar. She is on the nomination list as well as podcasts from Macmillan and Random House. Also on the list: Lindsay Buroker and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Marketing Podcast and Jenn Baker’s Minorities in Publishing show.

We are flabbergasted and humbled. When we started our podcast 99 episodes ago we never thought it would amount to anything. At the time, we were looking around the podcast universe and thought there was a hole that needed filling. We thought if we could get our own followers to listen, it would be a bonus. I have a background in radio so the thought of a podcast seemed like fun then. I still think it’s fun now. It fits me.

There were many people who helped get the show to where it is and I wanted to take a few lines and give them due thanks.

  • Our listeners. Yeah, that’s you. We thank you for listening and for sharing the show with your friends. We don’t promote the show much so we are amazed at the number of people tuning in. A thousand nods to you all. This is definitely your award.
  • Troy Kirby. When I was thinking of starting a podcast I contacted an old friend from my college athletics days. At the time, he had one of the most popular podcasts on the business of athletics in the country—and still does. He graciously gave me his time to help set up the logistics end of the podcast and held my virtual hand through the process. Interesting fact about Troy—he is also a prolific writer. Fiction and nonfiction. It is a small world.
  • Joanna Penn. At the time we started, Joanna Penn had the most popular author podcast out there—and still does. She is a true entrepreneur and her willingness to tackle subjects nobody else is talking about was an inspiration to me personally. Always on the front of a trend and bringing a great variety of subjects to the author community.
  • Our guests. Particularly, our alumni guests. People that say yes every time I email and ask: Honoree Corder, Brian Meeks, Anne Janzer, Bryan Cohen, AWeber people, Written Word Media group, Alex Newton, and the Draft2Digital folks. We are picky about who we bring on the show and am always grateful when people say yes. Especially authors and other podcasters. Especially authors.
  • My co-host. I’m sure Becca would say the same about me, but I have to brag on her. She is my daughter after all. We don’t always agree on how to approach things. Her marketing philosophy is just slightly different than mine—something you may not even have noticed over the years (I keep her on a short leash). She is a talented writer and a wise teacher. She is more than a sidekick. She is a rock star in her own right.
  • Did I mention our listeners? How can you have a successful podcast without loyal listeners?  Thanks again that you have let us into your head, your car, your office, your bedroom, your treadmill, your daily routine, and more. We hope you continue to listen and continue to share our show with your friends if you find it helpful.

Post script: As many of you know, we are changing up our platform this fall in a couple crucial ways you need to know about. A reminder that we are closing the SMART Marketing For Authors Facebook group at the end of October. I wish we could keep it open but it is a repetition of what we’re doing in other places and way too big for me to manage at this point. If you’re in that group please be sure and like my business page on Facebook. I will be transferring all the helpful advice I give in the group over to that page. We are also going to try and stoke the fires of discussion more on the podcast website.

If you’re interested in getting personal one-on-one marketing help from me I encourage you to enroll in one of my paid online classes. That will give you access to me on a regular basis. My current class, The Content Formula: A Blueprint for Engagement and Loyalty, is open. You can find more information about that course and see author testimonials in that link to the course name above. It might be a good fit for you. My paid classes have a private mastermind group where you get individual help. There will be another online class coming shortly. The working title is “Stop Wasting Money on Book Promotions: The Profitable Promotion Formula.” Keep your eyes peeled for more info this fall.

Again, thanks for all your support. You are the best!