How to Give Your Facebook Page Likes a Quick Spike

Have you got friends on your Facebook personal profile that are relating to you as an author but haven’t liked your Facebook business Page yet?  If your personal profile is the admin for your business Page, you can give your Facebook Page likes a little free boost by inviting selected friends from your profile to like your page.

Facebook page likes

Many authors started out on Facebook promoting themselves through their personal profile. Sound familiar? Do you have friends on your personal profile that are really fans of you as an author? You can start migrating those “friends” to fans of your author Page by using these simple steps:

  1. Go to your business Page and look for the pull-down menu on the right side labeled Promote. On the menu, choose Invite Your Friends (see below).

facebook page likes


2. A window will open up with a list of all your personal profile friends. You will see who has already liked your page. Any friend who hasn’t liked your page will be labeled with an Invite label (see below).


facebook page likes


3. Invite all your friends you feel may be interested fans of your books or those who might be willing to act as social media ambassadors. Family and friends are often the most likely people to share your social media posts. Don’t discount inviting them to like your page because they are family members. They are likely some of your biggest fans. All invitees will receive a notification of your invite one time–nothing invasive.

4. After you have seen an increase in page likes due to your invitations be sure and post a thank you on your Facebook page to all your new fans and welcome them to your page. Generosity is a driver of loyalty. I always suggest you run a thank you post after any campaign whether it is a likes campaign or a book launch.

Another simple method for migrating your friends to fans is to just put an invitation up in your personal profile asking your friends to like your page. Don’t overdo this. Once should be enough. If people request to be your “friend” that are really potential fans of your books, message them and ask them to like your Page instead, explaining that your profile is a private space. Often people use the same name for their profile and business page and when people search you on Facebook they may click on your profile first. Thank them and express your desire to connect on your business page. Give them the direct URL.

Using this simple four-step process to organically build your Facebook page likes increases the size of your “warm audience” when it comes to running any kind of promotion. Always remember that people who have already opted in to follow you somewhere on social media are less expensive to advertise to and easier to retain. Treat your fans with love and care and they can become a catalyst that will help you when you promote your books.

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