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What people are saying about SMART Social Media For Authors:

“This is the book I always wanted to write. Except that unlike me, Chris has actually done the research on how a variety of types of authors promote on social and written it all down in an organized package.”

Josh Bernoff, best-selling author of Groundswell and Empowered.


“As someone with a master’s in public relations and a day job in marketing (and 13 years of experience), even I found this book to be extremely useful. While the first half was old hat for me, the refresher was a welcome one. I particularly enjoyed the later sections where she shows you how to set up a Facebook group, discusses advertising, walks you through a book launch campaign and gives suggestions on the best ways to use popular forms of social media to attract not only followers, but dedicated readers and champions of your brand. This is definitely a tool I will be keeping on my shelf and referring to throughout my career. I recommend this as a book every author needs to add to their toolkit.”

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