Essential Book Marketing Resources: Go-To Blogs

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There are more book marketing resources online than any of us have time to sort through. How do you know which are worth your time?

In part one of this series I recommended several go-to book marketing books that should be on your reading list. In part two we will look at blogs. The biggest advantage of reading blog posts is that the information should be current. The relevance of a marketing book can plummet quickly, especially if the subject is social media, websites, or email marketing. In order to make sure you have the most current information, you should develop a list of blogs to read regularly.


RSS or Inbox? 

Before I give you my list let’s talk about how blog posts are delivered. You can check the blogger’s website regularly or you can subscribe to one of two options to have the information delivered to you.

An RSS reader (stands for Real Simple Syndication) is a subscription service that allows you to input the URL of a blog and then any new entries are delivered to your reader. I use Feedly for this purpose. It’s user-friendly and free. It is an “in the cloud” service so nothing is housed on your computer. You can access it from mobile or a computer.

Many blogs offer an email subscription service. I reserve this for the few blogs I do not want to miss. It’s a bigger deal to give someone access to your Inbox but sometimes it’s the best way to get the information most important to you.

These resources are from people that know their marketing stuff. If you’re a self-published author looking for help marketing your books, I recommend subscribing to these blogs. If you find that they are not relevant to you, unsubscribing is easy.  This is a short list of the many good blogs out there so I have a more extensive list of recommendations on my website.

Top Shelf Blogs I Recommend

These recommendations are in no particular order. I have included a note about the blog’s area of expertise.

  1. Social Media Examiner. If you want entry level and intermediate advice on marketing your books with social media, this blog has the best how-to posts on the internet.
  2. HubSpot Marketing Blog. Similar to Social Media Examiner but covers a lot more ground including email marketing and websites.
  3. Build Book Buzz from Sandra Beckwith. You’ll get marketing advice here plus some excellent PR advice as well.
  4. Jane Friedman’s blog is a mix of publishing news, writing news and marketing information.
  5. BookBub Partners has a wealth of information on marketing your books. Curated by Diana Urban who came to BB from HubSpot.
  6. Shelley Hitz writes for more nonfiction writers but also has lots of advice for self-publishing in general. Her marketing advice is right on. She hosts a good podcast as well.

Honorable Mention

Because there are so many good blogs out there I recommend you take a look at that list on my website. The list includes blogs that specialize like Frances Caballo’s Social Media Just For Writers, Joel Friedlander’s The Book Designer, Digital Book World’s blog, Joanna Penn’s blog, and others. Please feel free to add your favorites to the comments.

If you’re interested in getting weekly book marketing tips delivered to your Inbox I have a tip sheet that includes information I don’t publish anywhere else. It’s a quick read and mostly aimed at the subjects of email marketing, social media marketing, and website development. This month I’m giving away a helpful book marketing pack of three resources when you sign up.

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