Episode 99 – Make Your Writing Memorable

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In this episode Chris interviews award-winning nonfiction writer Anne Janzer about her new book Writing To Be Understood and why it’s a necessary resource for writers. Emphasis on nonfiction.

Show Notes & Links

– Anne’s new book is the complete package covering technique, science (yeah, you read that right), and practical how-to. Why you need all three.

-Beware of the curse of knowledge (eerie music).

-How brain science and social psychology is an important part of your writing process.

– Why you should use analogies and how to make them shine and not be annoying.

-Do you know if your writing is boring? How to fix that.

-How to use your reader’s curiosity to your advantage.

– Why nonfiction writers need to learn to spin a good story or two.

– What is meta reading and how it will improve your writing.

Links – Click ’em, they’re live!

Universal book link to Anne’s book. This link will take you to the bookstore of your choice.

Link to Anne’s Amazon author page

Link to Chris’ Facebook business page.

Link to information about Chris’ newest online class, The Content Formula- a formula for writing and publishing engaging content that will help you sell more books and build raving fans. 

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