Episode 98-Why Some Marketing Systems Fail

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In this week’s episode of the podcast, Chris discusses the difference between marketing systems and marketing strategies and how to build a system that helps you build your author business.

Show Notes & Links:

Why there is a difference between a book marketing system and a book marketing strategy and why that’s important.

There are three basic systems that you need to build a successful author business: email list, website, and primary social media presence.

Why some promotion strategies don’t work for everybody.

How you can know when a strategy is right for you.

Why every online course, mastermind group, and Facebook author group is not right for you.

Before you take an online class, make sure it’s a fit for you. Every class is not for every platform level.

Episode quote: “When you try and implement an email strategy that another tried with success and you failed…that doesn’t mean that email is a bust for you. It just means that particular strategy is a bust for you.”

Understand the value of a promotion. If you have one book and it’s permafree, your read-through potential has no value. Make sure you have value behind that permafree book.

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