Episode 97 – Facebook Changes Authors Need To Know About

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In this episode Chris outlines two changes in Facebook recently: the removal of the shop option to send buyers to bookstores and the ability to use third party applications to schedule posts on your personal profile. (14 minutes)

Notes & Links:

-What do the new changes to Facebook’s shop tab mean for authors?

-What alternatives are available for those who still want to use social media to sell books?

-Is it worth it to try and sell books on social media?

-How your cover photo and call to action button can help you sell books.


Link to video on changes in Shop tab on Chris’ Facebook page.

Authors using their cover photo to sell books: (click names for link)


Honoree Corder

Chris Syme


R.L. Syme

Chelsea Field

Roni Loren (book and email sign up (call-to-action button)

Sandra Brown (book launch)