Episode 96 – Is Amazon’s New Bulk Buy Program For You?

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In this episode Chris discusses Amazon’s new edition of their ebook bulk buy program–who may benefit and who might not give a hoot.  Included in the podcast are reflections on questions answered by Amazon’s director of Author & Vendor Relations, Dan Slater. Running time: 19 minutes.

Show Notes & Links:

-We’ll talk about what the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) official post on the new program says and what it does not say.

-Chris gets reactions from Amazon and BookBub.

-Would a purchase of 100 ebooks count directly as 100 books to my sales rank?

-Unredeemed copies can result in a refund within 60 days of your purchase.

-The new program involves sending the free codes through Amazon—they don’t generate codes you send out via your email.

-You will earn royalties based on the royalty options in place at the time of your bulk book order. If you buy books at 99 cents, you will earn a 99-cent royalty no matter what the price of the book when it is redeemed.

-Pre-order books and free books are not eligible for the program.

Links (Click ’em, they’re live):

Here is the post from Forbe’s featuring comments from author and marketing expert David Gaughran.

Here is the link to the explanation of the new program guidelines on KDP.

Here is a link to find out more about The Content Formula. Remember, if you purchase The Content Formula before Aug. 1 you’ll get an email invite to register for Chris’ class, How to Set Up a Facebook Page That Sells More Books for free. ($49 value).