Episode 95 – Advanced Amazon Ads With Brian Meeks

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In this episode Chris asks AMS Ads expert Brian Meeks questions from authors in the SMART Marketing For Authors Facebook Group.

This episode is not for beginners. If you’re interested in finding out beginning level strategies for AMS Ads, listen to episode 56. This episode is 52 minutes long.

Show Notes & Links:

-What’s the best way to know which keywords will work the best with my book? Where would you suggest I start looking?

-What is the minimum number of ads I should be testing for one book to get good results?

-Is it true that AMS ads aren’t really worth the effort unless you’re in Kindle Unlimited. What’s your opinion?

-What are the biggest mistakes people make when running their AMS Ads?

-I’ve heard that you should be running ads targeted at the books in the top 100 in your genre. I would think they would be the most expensive bids. How do you choose which books to target?

-How long should I let an ad run before I consider deleting it or changing up the copy? And how can I tell if the copy is the problem?

-What are some benchmark numbers to watch? For instance, I’ve heard 70% ACoS (Advertising cost of sale) or higher is considered good. Is that consistent? What’s a good CPC (cost per click) for ads?

– When should I consider tweaking keywords? Those with lots of impressions but no clicks? Only those with clicks even though they have no sales?

-How do I know if I am bidding the right amount to get traction on my ad?

-Is it important to get on the first page of results for promoted books on another book’s sales page?


Mastering Amazon Ads (book) by Brian Meeks

Mastering Amazon Ads online course

SMART Marketing For Authors Facebook group (you’ll have to answer three questions to get in)