Episode 93 – How to Sell Books With Social Media

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In this episode Chris and Becca give authors a strategic outline on how to sell books with social media successfully. Social media is still a viable channel for supplementing book sales if you have the right strategy.

Show Notes & Links

-The one key to selling books with social media.

-What is the 80-20 Content Rule and why do authors need it to successfully sell with social media?

-Why discovering new readers is the most difficult part of using social media for promotions.

-How to know what kind of content your readers will engagement with.

-What are the four elements of engaging content (The Content Formula Cheat Sheet)?

-What are “meaningful interactions” and why you need to learn how to foster conversations on social media.

-Why every social media post needs a call-to-action and why that isn’t always about selling.

-Exciting news: meet us in Denver at the Romance Writers of America conference.

Links: click ’em, they’re live:

The Art of Shouting Quietly by Peter Mosley

Influence by Robert Caildini

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