Episode 92 – How to Take Your Readers From Strangers to Superfans

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In this episode, Chris interviews author David Gaughran about his new book, Strangers To Superfans. In the show Chris calls this “possibly the best book marketing book ever,” a must-read for authors at every level.


Links & Show Notes

-Why it’s important for authors to understand the “reader’s journey” and how that knowledge informs the marketing process.

-Why the “Discovery” piece of the journey is the “easiest problem to solve and also the easiest to screw-up.”

-Why authors need to understand the role that data plays in making marketing decisions.

-Why most authors look at marketing their backlist backwards and how to fix it.

-Why a smaller, more engaged mailing list is better than a huge disinterested one.

-Why you need to pay attention to the production details of your book first: quality of writing, cover, blurb, keywords.

Links – Click ’em, they’re live

Link to David Gaughran’s new book, Strangers to Superfans. 

Link to sign up for his regular newsletter and receive a free copy of his book, Amazon Decoded.

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