Episode 88 – Book Description Mistakes You’re Making And How To Fix Them

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In this episode Chris interviews copywriting expert and author Bryan Cohen on how to fix the most common mistakes authors make when writing a book description and how to fix them.

Show Notes & Links:

-Why writing a book description is more like poetry than prose.

-Waste not, want not. Why every word is important.

-The 4 elements of a successful book description.

-The most common mistakes authors make when writing book descriptions & how to fix.

-Why a plot summary is not just a retelling of the book.

-Less is more. Why too many details can turn your buyer off.

-Where does this stuff go: NY Times or USA Today bestselling author status, info about a series.

-Why you need a call-to-action or selling paragraph. Do you want to leave 20% of your book sales behind?

-How comparisons can increase your sales and how Bryan does it.

-Why effective online ads require research and testing. Not for the newbie or faint-hearted.

-Quote of the show: “Publishing is something you cannot do for a dollar.”

-Don’t miss Bryan’s smarty pants tip at the end–it’s gold.

Links: Click ’em, they’re live

Bryan’s website here

Bryan’s copywriting book, How to Write a Sizzling Synopsis

Bryan’s online courses on Teachable

Bryan’s Amazon Author page

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