Episode 83 – How to Get Algorithm-Busting Engagement on Facebook

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In this episode Chris and Becca interview author Shawn Inmon for tips on how he built his Facebook page from 86 fans to over 3000 by being consistent, persistent, and personable. And, spending less than ten dollars a month.

Links & Show Notes:

-Why it is important to make a commitment to post once a day over a long period of time before even thinking about your engagement rates.

-Why a slow, persistent effort is better than buying fans or buying ads for quick growth.

-How using strategic boosted posts to snag new readers can help grow your page.

-How to create a “destination Facebook page.”

-Why being yourself is your secret weapon.

-Why social media is hard for some people and easy for others.

Links: Click’ em – they’re live!

Shawn Inmon’s Facebook author page

Shawn Inmon’s Amazon page

Link to SMART Marketing For Authors Facebook closed group (you’ll have to answer a few questions to get in)

The Content Formula class – info about Chris’ latest online class on how to write content that defies the social media algorithms. Author-tested and approved.