Episode 80: How Lifelong Learners Sell More Books

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In this episode Chris discusses five principles that will help you find online book marketing classes, books, webinars, and Facebook groups that will help you sell more books and not just waste your time.

Show Notes & Links:

-First things first: know thyself.

-How to find platform-appropriate marketing training.

-Why FOMO (fear of missing out) is your mortal enemy.

-Why you should always consider value over price.

-When copying what other authors are doing might not be a good idea.

-Why you need to know your base knowledge before you buy or enroll.

-What is your budget for lifelong learning?

-What is the best strategy for selling more books?

Links (click ’em, they’re live)

Platform Level pdf download

Episode 31 – Platform-friendly book marketing

My online classes and who they’re a good fit for:

Level One Authors: 

Free class on building an email listThis class is designed for authors who do not have an email list started yet or are struggling trying to make their small list (less than 200) grow.

Paid Courses and who they’re good for:

All these courses have information pages that tell you about the course.

1. How to build a Facebook page that sells more books. If you have published one or more books and do not have a Facebook author page set up, this is a good course for you. Also, if you do have a page set up and you’re not using the Shop template to sell books or integrating your email sign-up with your page, it’s also a good course for you. Cost: $49

2. How to write online content (social media & ads) that will get you more engagement and more book sales. Best course I’ve ever put together. It includes updates and info on the latest Facebook algorithm change in January 2018. This course if for published level one authors and above (levels two through four) who have Facebook business pages established and want better engagement and sales on Facebook. It contains 11 videos and numerous tools and learning labs. Cost: $79.