Episode 77 – How a Writing Calendar Can Help You Succed

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In this episode Chris interviews Becca about her writing calendar, a tool that Becca developed to keep her author business and herself on track for success.

Show Notes & Links:

-How Becca set up a simple Excel spreadsheet to keep her writing, publishing, and promoting on task.

-Why “productivity tools” need to take your personality into account.

-Why you need to know your abilities to set up a calendar correctly.

-Why some people are wired to “write fast” and others are not.

-What kinds of tasks should your writing calendar track?

-Why a writing calendar is not set in cement.


Link to Becca’s new book, Vangie Vale And The Strangled Strudel

-Link to Chris’ Content Formula class

Link to Becca’s sample writing calendar you can download and use

Link to SMART Marketing For Authors Facebook group