Episode 76 – Facebook Profiles, Pages, and Groups…Oh My

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In this episode, Chris and Becca have an informal discussion about the three options for authors on Facebook for promoting books and engaging with readers: Facebook profiles, author business pages, and groups. Pros and cons of each in light of the new algorithm changes.

Show Notes & Links:

-The three types of Facebook pages authors use to promote their books and build fan engagement.

-Tips on how to use each in light of the new Facebook algorithm

-Why using your personal platform to promote your books is not a good idea.

-Get maximum engagement on social media by using to 80-20 Content Rule.

-How tracking your Facebook Insights will help you write more engaging content.

-Why it’s important to educate readers to mark your Facebook page as a “See First” page in their newsfeeds.


-Link to episode 75–Chris’ take on the new Facebook algorithm.

Link to Chris’ video on how to teach fans to designate your business page as a “See First” page in their newsfeed.

Link to Chris’ video on how to set up the Shop Template on your author business page.

Link to Chris’ video on how to set up a redirect in your personal profile About section to your author business page.

Link for more information about The Content Formula online class. JANUARY 23 IS THE LAST DAY OF THE EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!

Facebook’s helpful cheat sheet on the differences between profiles, pages, and groups.

Link to romance author Roni Loren’s insider Facebook group. Read the About This Group to find out about the group’s guidelines.

  • Chris Syme

    I would not recommend two groups–you are starting to spread yourself pretty thin. I would use my email list as a barometer. How many subsriptions do you have under one name? the other name? Also, how many Facebook fans on your author business page? Many authors are not ready for a group and it is a huge commitment to have one. You may want to try one with one name, if you have time. Becca has one group for two different genres–one is a pen name and they know it is her. If you have a real name you’re trying to keep private that would be tough but it might be possible to combine them. Do you have two different websites? Here is Becca’s group and it is for both genres though right now they are talking mostly cozy mystery b/c she just launched a book. https://www.facebook.com/groups/BeccaNation

  • Great podcast. I’m particularly interested in this concept of an author Facebook group. I clicked the one example. But, do you (or perhaps any other listeners) have other examples? I have two genres and I’m also trying to decipher if I should have two different groups…

  • Chris Syme

    Your comment is still there Paula, but I’ll answer here. The call to action button I was referring to in the podcast is on the bottom right of you cover photo. It is a pull down menu that you can change depending on what you are promoting with your cover photo. You can change it as often as you like. It can say things lik “Shop Now” or “Learn More” or “Sign Up” and then you attache a URL to the call to action button. Facebook will walk you through the process from the pull down menu. Just hover your cursor over the button and you’ll get the menu.

  • I think my comment got lost. What and where is the Call to Action button you mentioned in your podcast? I have a business author page but can’t find anything that says Call to Action. Can you advise? Thanks.

  • Great points, thank you. But what and where is the “call to action” button you mentioned? I do have a business page but see no option for call to action. Can you advise? Thanks.

  • Terra Kelly

    This was so helpful. Thank you so much!!! ~Terra