Episode 71 – What Pronoun’s Demise Means For All Authors

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In this episode Chris and Anne Janzer talk about the challenges and opportunities that come with the failure of Pronoun.

Show Notes & Links:

-If you were using Pronoun to distribute your books, what does the aftermath look like for you? What are your options?

-Why the loss of Pronoun reveals a bigger challenge for all indie authors.

-Why using goals-objectives-strategies-tactics (GOST) to drive your marketing plan will help you navigate changes in the market.

-How to do you own “House Hunter Analysis” to find your best fit for book distribution companies.

-The four components of a House Hunter Analysis to find your best option that fits your business goals for publishing :

  • How wide is their distribution?
  • Time: was is the ease of use of the platform?
  • Trust: what kind of relationship does the company have with their authors?
  • Financials: royalties, delivery of royalties, cost of program, etc.

-How to use “satisficing” to make your business decisions and win.


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Link to Barry Schwartz’s book The Paradox of Choice