Episode 68 – Five Book Marketing Trends Set to Expire in 2018

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In today’s podcast, Chris and Becca talk about five waning book marketing trends that will expire in 2018.

Links & Show Notes:

Warning: This is a guilt-free episode. No matter what we say, no worries. Just because you may be using some of these marketing strategies does not mean you will expire in 2018. Food for thought ahead.

  1. Are you trying to build an email list without a follow-up sequence?
  2. Are you relying on Facebook organic reach to engage your fans and sell books?
  3. Are you busting your brain trying to write a blog post everyday for SEO?
  4. Are you suffering from social media FOMO trying to engage fans on every channel out there?
  5. Do you still have an old hard-coded website that is not responsive to mobile deivces?

If any of these are you, take a listen. Then, give your take in the comments.


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