Episode 65 – How a Good Marketing Plan Will Sell More Books With Sandra Beckwith

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In this episode Chris and Becca interview longtime friend and book marketing expert Sandra Beckwith, founder of Build Book Buzz. Sandra has a new tool for authors to help put together a user-friendly comprehensive book marketing plan.

Links & Show Notes:

-Why you need to look at the marketability of your book before you start putting together a marketing plan.

-Why knowing who your book’s audience is will make marketing your book easier.

-How using Google Maps is like putting a marketing plan together.

-The difference between strategies and tactics and how that knowledge will make your marketing plan more successful.

Links (Just click ’em)

Link to get Sandra’s free Book Marketing Plan

Link to Build Book Buzz website

Link to the Build Book Buzz Facebook group

Link to Chris’ Facebook page online course–get your Facebook page set up to engage fans and sell more books.