Episode 63 – Indie Author Zara Keane Shares Her Book Marketing Secrets

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In this week’s episode we interview one of our favorite indie authors, Zara Keane. She knows her book marketing. You won’t want to miss.

Show Notes & Links

-Zara shares her tips for success with Amazon Marketing Service ads.

-How to build an invested review team. Learn how to vet your reviewers for a higher success rate.

-How and why Zara cut back on her social media marketing.

-Tips on handling email marketing for multiple genre writers.

-Why you should get friendly with failure.

Links (Just click ’em):

Zara’s website. Check out her books.

Link to Zara’s reader review form (hat tip to J A Huss)

Link to the JA Huss Perfect Year book marketing series on YouTube

Here’s a link to Zara’s Facebook page

Link to Chris’ author-recommended Facebook class

  • Thanks, Chris. Got lots of good info from this podcast.

  • Thanks for responding, Zara. I work as an author assistant and frequently handle issues with readers who have lost their Amazon review privileges because Amazon perceives them to have a personal connection to the author. Clearly stating the requirement (“be able to post on Amazon”) should alleviate complaints from these readers.

  • Zara Keane

    Hi, Maria. If a reviewer can’t review on Amazon, I’m unlikely to pick them to join the team, particularly for a series that’s Amazon exclusive. I’d make an exception for someone with a high-traffic blog or something similar.

  • Chris Syme

    My guess would be, but I will message her and ask her to weigh in, that people who know they have lost Amazon reviewing privileges would not apply when they see that an Amazon profile is required. But if they did, I would (again) imagine that they would not receive an ARC. I think this whole process is for authors who have ample numbers of people wanting review copies and indicating that authors have the option of being able to be picky.

  • I visited Zara’s Google form for ARC requests and listened to her comments about the data field requesting a link to the requester’s Amazon profile. My question is how does she handle those readers who have lost their review privileges on Amazon? Thanks!