Episode 63 – Indie Author Zara Keane Shares Her Book Marketing Secrets

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In this week’s episode we interview one of our favorite indie authors, Zara Keane. She knows her book marketing. You won’t want to miss.

Show Notes & Links

-Zara shares her tips for success with Amazon Marketing Service ads.

-How to build an invested review team. Learn how to vet your reviewers for a higher success rate.

-How and why Zara cut back on her social media marketing.

-Tips on handling email marketing for multiple genre writers.

-Why you should get friendly with failure.

Links (Just click ’em):

Zara’s website. Check out her books.

Link to Zara’s reader review form (hat tip to J A Huss)

Link to the JA Huss Perfect Year book marketing series on YouTube

Here’s a link to Zara’s Facebook page

Link to Chris’ author-recommended Facebook class