Episode 53 – Balancing Creativity and Productivity in the Writer’s Process

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In this episode guest co-host Anne Janzer talks about her book, The Writer’s Process and how writers need to balance productivity and creativity in their writing and their marketing.


-Why we need some distractions – focus alone will not produce maximum productivity.

-How to balance the two different mental systems we are all equipped with: the Scribe and the Muse (productivity and creativity).

-Flow: how to find the zone more consistently when we’re writing by establishing a process that helps the Scribe and Muse collaborate.

-How to find the places where you are in “open attention”

-How to apply these principles to book marketing as well as writing.


-The Foreword INDIES Book Awards-https://awards.forewordreviews.com/

– Link to the book Focus by Daniel Goldman

– Link to the book Flow by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

-Link to today’s book by Anne Janzer – The Writer’s Process

-Link to Anne’s new book – The Workplace Writer’s Process

-Link to Chris’ latest book – The Newbies Guide To Selling More Books With Less Marketing

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