Episode 45 – Three of the Biggest Book Marketing Myths Debunked

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In today’s episode Chris and Becca debunk three of the biggest book marketing myths authors believe.

Show Notes & Links:episode 45

-Chris is the good cop, Becca is the bad cop (sometimes).

-Reasons why authors need to be careful when they copy the book marketing promotions of other authors and expect the same results.

-Is it true that once you get a traditional publishing contract you never have to do any marketing? (whew)

-Why the traditional publishing sales cycle is not geared to long term sales.

-What publishers cannot do: forge relationships between authors and readers.

-Just because social media doesn’t sell as many books as Amazon does not mean it won’t sell books.

-Why authors should not waste their time on social media channels that are not wired to sell products.

-Why you should separate your personal social media time from your book marketing social media time.


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-Link to Chris’ book Sell More Books With Less Social Media (Amazon)

Let us know what you think! Weigh in below in the comments–how did we do? Also, if you are an author writing in a new genre we’d love to hear how you did it. We’re putting together a future podcast on the subject.



  • S.E. Burr

    Thank so for this info! I’ll check it out!

  • Chris Syme

    Those are great questions. As a matter of fact, BookBub has answered a lot of those questions on their blog. Here’s a link some info they ran recently. https://insights.bookbub.com/tips-on-optimizing-your-submission-for-a-bookbub-featured-deal/

    I’ll put that idea on the list.

    I recommend follow that blog as they give authors a lot of hints about how to use BookBub ads effectively and fit them in a broader marketing plan.

  • S.E. Burr

    Great episode! I liked what Becca said about not letting FOMO drag you around from one thing to the next. I was thinking that a great idea for a podcast might be on applying for Bookbub ads. I have a goal this year to apply for ads at least twice but I’ve been procrastinating because I find it rather intimidating. Things I’d like to know are–do they prefer temporarily free over permafree books? Are some categories easier to be accepted in than others? Do they prefer wide books over KDP Select?