Episode 43 – Everything You Want to Know About Pronoun

In this episode, Chris and guest co-host Anne Janzer discuss the pros and cons of Pronoun, the new ebook distribution venue from Macmillan Publishing and why indies may want to take a look.

episode 43Show Notes & Links:

-What is Pronoun and how is it different from Amazon?
-What royalties will I get on my books on Pronoun?
-Services and data that Pronoun provides to authors.
-How you can get data about your books and not have a book listed on Pronoun.
-How is Pronoun able to give a 70% royalty on all books?
-How do I get paid?
-Is Pronoun easy to use?

-Pronoun’s website home page: https://pronoun.com/
-Link to Anne’s book page on Pronoun: https://books.pronoun.com/the-writers-process/
Note that the Amazon link works even though Pronoun did not publish the Kindle book. Also, if you scroll down there are links to paperbacks as well.
-Anne’s author page on Pronoun: https://books.pronoun.com/annejanzer/
-Link to Anne’s website: http://annejanzer.com/
Link to join the SMART Marketing For Authors private Facebook group

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  • Chris Syme

    Haha Anne! Even smarty pants make an occasional misstep. All is well.

  • Chris Syme

    You’re welcome.

  • Sussu Leclerc

    This was a very helpful conversation. It’s really cool to have someone introuce you to new products. Thanks!

  • I just realized that the story I told about tech support was mis-remembered – I did not find any bug on Pronoun’s interface. That was a different resources I was testing, Authors Republic. That’s what comes of testing two different things at the same time – the brain overloads. So, I guess I’m not such a smarty-pants after all!