Episode 42 – The Secret to Writing Better Faster

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In this episode, Chris and Becca discuss how to overcome the challenge to write faster and produce more good books–no matter who you are. Becca answers questions about her successful online class, Write Better Faster and how authors can stamp out “attention residue” to get more words on the page.

Show Notes and Links:

-What stands in the way of authors being able to write more books?

-Why “writing faster” is a relative term but is possible for everyone.

-Why it’s so important to Write First.

-How to overcome the attention residue that constricts our maximum productivity.

-What authors can do to avoid getting caught in the Loop of Distraction.

Link to Deep Work by Cal Newport

Link to the article on why attention residue is ruining your ability to concentrate.

Link to Becca’s course, Write Better Faster, and class registration.

Be sure and go to cksyme.com/episode42 to continue the conversation. See you there!