Episode 42 – The Secret to Writing Better Faster

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In this episode, Chris and Becca discuss how to overcome the challenge to write faster and produce more good books–no matter who you are. Becca answers questions about her successful online class, Write Better Faster and how authors can stamp out “attention residue” to get more words on the page.

Show Notes and Links:

-What stands in the way of authors being able to write more books?

-Why “writing faster” is a relative term but is possible for everyone.

-Why it’s so important to Write First.

-How to overcome the attention residue that constricts our maximum productivity.

-What authors can do to avoid getting caught in the Loop of Distraction.

Link to Deep Work by Cal Newport

Link to the article on why attention residue is ruining your ability to concentrate.

Link to Becca’s course, Write Better Faster, and class registration.

Be sure and go to cksyme.com/episode42 to continue the conversation. See you there!

  • Chris Syme

    Good luck Sussu. Keep us posted!

  • Sussu Leclerc

    Thank you for this amazing interview. The residual attention is such a new concept for me. That might explain why I have headaches after a long day 🙂 I really enjoyed this and will try the advise.

  • Chris Syme

    Good luck!

  • S.E. Burr

    I’ve fallen a bit behind on my podcasts but listened to this one today and I think it could be really helpful. I’ve heard lots of authors talk about writing first thing in the morning or even getting up earlier than usual in order to write. I sort of assumed they were morning people. I’ve never even experimented with putting it into practice because it’s just not how I think of myself and how I think of the useful parts of my day. I’m a night owl. I’ve always been a night owl. I get to work at 7 am these days but that’s specifically so I can get off early and spend what I view as the important afternoon and evening hours the way I want to spend them. But even getting off at 3pm I often already feel kind of fried. I’m not sure I’m ready to wake up earlier, but I think I could fit some writing into my morning on the bus or before I leave the house. Maybe I’ll start small with that and see how it goes.

  • Becca

    Hey, Trish. There are no “required times” to be in class. All of the lectures are written, and the discussions are conducted via message board, where I’m there every day to talk with students about the lectures, so you can come and go at your leisure. I have students who wait until the end of class and download everything at once, even, sometimes. So it’s completely made for your convenience.

    And thanks for listening! We love to hear that you enjoy the podcast. 🙂

  • Chris Syme

    Hi Trish-
    All our comments are moderated so you just have to wait for one of us to approve. It is frustrating sometimes but otherwise we get a ton of spam comments. Becca will be sure and answer.

  • trishheinrich

    I tried posting earlier, and I don’t see my question, so I’m going to ask again, sorry if it ends up being a copy cat. I have two small kids, and with the craziness that involves, it is often hard to for me to attend courses that are strictly live with no recorded classes available if I miss one. I really want to take the Write Better Faster course but need to know if I’m going to be required to be live at every class or if the possibility of doing a recorded one would be offered. Thank you. And also, I absolutely love your podcast, it’s one of two that I regularly schedule time in my week to listen to.

  • trishheinrich

    With two small kids and the crazy schedules that they come with, it’s hard for me to participate in classes that offer no flexibility, like a recording of the class to catch later if the “live” time doesn’t work for me. Will there be this kind of flexibility? I really want to do this but I want to make sure I can fully commit to it with being a mom. Thanks!
    And, by the way, your podcast is one of two that I actually schedule time to listen to every week. I love it that much. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it.