Episode 41 – What’s Data Got To Do With Book Sales?

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This week’s episode is a Learning Lab.  Chris and Becca interview Brian Meeks and Honoree Corder about their new book, A Prosperous Writer’s Guide To Making More Money. You’ll discover the critical importance of how tracking data can dramatically increase your book sales. The episode is approximately an hour long. We recommend taking notes.

book salesLinks & Show Notes:

-What is ROI and why do authors need to understand it?

-Why being afraid of the unknown will keep you from making more money.

-How the right data can help you sell more books.

-Why feeling overwhelmed by data is the first step to learning.

-Why a $20 book promotion is more expensive than a $1000 Book Bub ad in terms of return value.

-Why having the right mindset will help you sell more books.

-How better book descriptions can make you more money.


-Get your copy of The Prosperous Writer’s Guide to Making More Money here.

-Get in on the Kindle Countdown Deal for Chris’ book SMART Social Media For Authors here.

-Blog post on A/B testing book descriptions from BookBub Partners blog: https://insights.bookbub.com/book-description-ab-tests-you-need-to-see/

-Four copywriting book recommendations:

Three Facebook groups you should join to get answers about your book marketing:

  1. The Prosperous Writers Mastermind (Honoree Corder)
  2. Smart Marketing for Authors (Chris Syme)
  3. Brian Meeks’ Amazon Marketing Services Lab Group. This is a beta group for Brian’s new book on Amazon Marketing Services ads. If you’re interested in taking part in a research project and learning more about how to put AMS ads together, Brian has a closed group on Facebook you can join. Part of the buy-in of being in the group is consenting to be part of a control group that buys a copy of his new book to test some points of data on Amazon ($9.99). This group is specifically about Amazon Marketing Services. Here is the link to join.