Episode 39 – Sell More Books By Learning How Readers Buy

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In episode 39 we’ll tackle the second part of our three-part series on how to sell more books with better book promotions. In this show we learn how readers buy books and how that affects what promotions you run.

In case you missed part one of this series, The 3 Cardinal Rules of Book Promotion, access here.

Access the learning tool here for this episode. It’s the same as last week’s link but there are two new tools there you will need for this episode.

-Review of last week’s part one: the three cardinal rules of book promotion.

-Learn the six unique stages of the buying process (The Sales Funnel)

-Find out which social media channels work the best to find new readers and sell more books.

-What part of the sales funnel is social media the strongest in?

-Why different promotions work better at different stages of the funnel.

-How your content helps move people through the sales funnel.

-How to help readers find out more about your books.

-Why it matters if social media channels offer tools to help you sell your books

-Why YouTube, LinkedIn (especially for fiction), and Twitter are not that great for selling books.

-Get into Chris’ premium online course, Mastering Book Marketing For Authors now and get the new version of the course for free. See the course description and info here.

-Stay tuned for registration information for the spring 2017 version of Becca’s class Write Better Faster.