Episode 38 – The Three Cardinal Rules of Book Promotions

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In this episode Chris explains the three cardinal rules of book promotions that will help insure the success of your book marketing efforts.

Show Notes & Links:

-The Three Cardinal Rules of Book Promotions (ignore them at your own peril):

  1. When choosing a book promotion always consider value before cost.
  2. If you copy what another author does, you may not get the same results.
  3. You can get success with a free book promotion but sometimes you have to spend money to make money.

-Before you set out to copy another author’s promotion always compare these two sets of data markers:

  1.  Basic data markers of comparison:
    1. Audience potential reach
    2. Social media engagement rates
    3. Other author’s platform level
  2. Data markers of the promotion you want to copy:
    1. Genre
    2. Goal of the promotion
    3. Budget


Examples of good data driven marketing solution books:

-Chris’ closed Facebook group, SMART Marketing for Authors

-Chris’ premium online course ( with an exciting update), Mastering Online Book Marketing for Authors

-Resource page for Book Promotion Value Index and Data Markers for Copycat Marketing test.

-Podcast episode 30: Author Platform Levels

-Podcast episode 37: Roni Loren on Building Loyal Fan Groups

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