Episode 31: Budget-Friendly Book Marketing – Part 3

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In this episode Chris and Becca tackle appropriate and budget-friendly marketing strategies for authors at various stages (or platform levels) in their author careers. 

Show Notes & Links:

-Review of the platform levels for fiction and nonfiction authors.

-Introduction of the proper book marketing strategies for levels one and two fiction writers.

-When you need to start spending money on marketing

-What are the two things you need to spend money on before marketing?

-What does your skill level have to do with how you can market your books?

-Why authors at all levels need to network with other authors and why you should start early in your career

-What if you’re a tweener? You have markers at two different levels. 

-Why using appropriate marketing strategies gives you more time to write.

-Link to Chris’ free email marketing class (you’ll have to set up a free account on Teachable to take the class): http://chris-syme.teachable.com/p/how-to-build-an-email-list-that-sells-more-books

Link to the graphic tool on platform levels from last week’s episode

Link to vetted book marketing resource for authors 

-Last week to get Chris’ new book Sell More Books With Less Social Media plus free online class for just 99 cents. Click here.

Question of the Week: In the comments below, give us a piece of your mind on the following question: What platform level are you and which of the marketing suggestions at your level are you struggling with?