Episode 29 – Biggest Marketing Challenges of 2017 – Platform

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Show Notes & Links:

-The biggest marketing challenge for new authors is building  platform before your first book is published.

-Three reasons why you should start building your platform before you publish your first book.

-Tips to start building your platform before first book comes out:

  • How to build an author network.
  • Why generosity builds reciprocity.
  • Get the right domain name for your website.
  • Why the number of Facebook fans you have at first is not important.

-Prepare, plan, and then build your platform before you launch.

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Joanna Penn post on how to build an author website: http://www.thecreativepenn.com/2015/08/13/build-author-website/

Link to free email marketing basics course from SMART Marketing for Authors

Link to SMART Marketing for Authors Closed Facebook group

Link to Resources Page for self-published authors from Chris’ website

Link to K-Boards (Forum for self-published authors on all things Amazon and more)

Question of the week: (answer in the comments below)

What is the most challenging part of building an author platform?