Episode 28: Kicking Off 2017 With SMART Book Marketing

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To start 2017, Chris and Becca outline a new direction for the podcast and talk about the basic principles of marketing that every author should know in the SMART Marketing Manifesto.


-New and improved podcast format for 2017 – We are focused!

-Why you need to ditch “tips and tricks marketing” in 2017

-The SMART Marketing Manifesto:

  1. Sustainable – Choose marketing practices that will stand the test of time – Make sure you spend time and money formulating marketing that is based on principles and fly by night get rich quick schemes.
  2. Manageable  How to spend less time marketing and more time writing.
  3. Audience-Specific—The difference maker in 2017. Learn audience targeting, specific launch strategies, and online content aimed at your audience’s needs.
  4. Relevant – Not hip or trendy but useful and valuable to the audience. As Jay Baer would say it’s about help, not hype.
  5. Tactics Last—Strategy First – Tips and tricks only help you figure one piece of the marketing puzzle at a time. Start with goals and strategies and your tactics will be obvious and ongoing.

-Jan. 10 at 12 PM Mountain: Chris joins Frances Caballo to talk about how to sell more books with less social media. Register here to be there: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8569121215329127427

-Join the SMART Marketing for Authors closed Facebook group today: https://www.facebook.com/groups/smartsocialmediaforauthors/

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What is your biggest marketing challenge for 2017?