Episode 022 – How To Find An Excellent Author Assistant With Maria Connor

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In today’s episode Maria Connor, owner and founder of My Author Concierge talks about her new book, Write More-Do Less, and how finding and hiring a qualified author assistant can turbocharge an author’s success.

Show Notes:
author assistant-The different types of author assistants, their qualifications, and their skills.

-What are some red flags when hiring an author assistant?

-Are all author assistants created equal?

-Why author assistants are in so much demand.

-What kinds of tasks can author assistants do?

-Why you should have a specific list of skills and tasks you are looking for before you start the hiring process.


Show Links: (clickable links)

-Maria Connor’s website: My Author Concierge

-Maria’s Facebook page: My Author Concierge

-Link to Maria’s new book:  Write More, Do Less: The Author’s Guide to Finding, Hiring, and Keeping an Excellent Author Assistant

-Link to Chris’ new book on pre-order with free online class: Sell More Books With Less Social Media


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