Episode 021 – Book Marketing Entrepreneur Shawn Manaher

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In this episode Shawn Manaher, founder of Book Marketing Tools and Reader Deals tackles how authors can use free books, legitimate reviews, and networking with other authors to build long-term book sales.

episode-021Show Notes:

-What is the real value of having a perma-free book available to readers?

-Shawn talks about the EBook Submission Tool and how they chose the sites included in the tool.

-How you can create a sales funnel with your free book

-The Costco Effect in sales

-Why you need to know the lifetime value of a reader.

-Shawn’s Smarty Pants Tip: The hottest new book marketing tactic and how to use it: Partnered Promotion Giveaways

Show Links:

Pre-order Chris’ new book, Sell More Books With Less Social Media now and get a comprehensive online course with the book for just $0.99 until November 1. Link to Amazon: http://amzn.to/2dRIefz  Link to Kobo: http://bit.ly/2eIVSEz

Book Marketing Tools website: http://bookmarketingtools.com/

Reading Deals website: http://readingdeals.com/why

Follow Shawn on Twitter: @ShawnManaher

Free Ebook Lister tool: http://bookmarketingtools.com/submission-tool-features

Link to The Author Hangout Podcast: http://theauthorhangout.com

Link to KingSumo (giveaway application): https://kingsumo.com/

Click for link to Stephen Campbell’s post on how to leave a review on iTunes

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