Episode 020 -What the New Amazon Review Policy Means for Authors

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In this episode co-hosts Chris and Becca Syme discuss ramifications of the new Amazon review policy for incentivized reviews and what it means to authors. Also, the two smarty pants hosts give their recommendation for developing advance review teams. 

Show Notes:book marketing podcast

-A reading of the new policy and what it means to authors

-The pros and cons of verified review purchases

-Don’t let Amazon’s policies make or break your day. Keep calm and write on!

-How to recruit and manage an effective Advance Review Team (ART).

-Do you need to send reviewers a final copy of your book as an ARC (advance reader copy)?

-Be sure and go to the podcast page at cksyme.com/podcast and leave a comment or question.

Show Links:

Link to the new Amazon policy here

Article on how to write a good book review here

Email Becca for a copy of the ARC text for advance readers at becca@rlsyme.com

Link to Stephen Campbell’s post on how to write a podcast review on iTunes