Episode 18 – Blogging to Build An Audience [Anne Allen]

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In this episode of The Smarty Pants Book Marketing Podcast, author Anne Allen shares how to build a blogging audience from the ground up.

Show Notes:Anne R Allen

  • Anne shares her advice for authors wanting to start a blog in the crowded blogoshpere.
  • How a blog collaborator can make a difference and how to find the right one.
  • The biggest change in book marketing since Anne began writing.
  • How to create a spin off blog for a niche audience.
  • Anne’s one big smarty pants blogging tip. Wait for it.

Show Links:

  • Anne’s book marketing and writing blog: http://annerallen.com/
  • Anne’s blog on poisoning people for fun and profit – a satirical mystery blog. Click here.
  • Anne’s brand new audio book: So Much For Buckingham. It’s a laugh out loud satire of the online review culture, making fun of the review site bullies and vigilantes and the weird historical fact checkers and all the shenanigans that can happen in the comments of online reviews. Click here to get the book now.
  • Check out Becca’s Sticky Newsletter class here: http://bit.ly/StickyNews