Episode 136 – An Ending You’ll Never Forget

In this episode, Chris and Becca talk about their favorite podcast episodes, what’s next, and a very surprising announcement at the end. Don’t miss.


Show Notes & Links

-Chris and Becca talk about their favorite podcasts, their favorite guests, and encourage new listeners to go back to the beginning and listen to all the episodes. Kinda like binge watching Stranger Things.

-Becca talks about her new venture to help authors: The Better-Faster Academy and The Quitcast on YouTube.

-Why you should always start off a new venture with a bang.

-Why Chris thought the podcast would never get off the ground.

-Becca’s favorite podcast episodes and guests.

-Chris’ new venture.

-Where the podcast is going from here.


-The Quitcast on YouTube

Becca’s Better-Faster Academy

Chris’ new venture: Women Finishing Well

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-email: chris@cksyme.com

bookmarketing website: cksyme.com

-Facebook page: cksyme

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