Episode 135 – Welcome to the Marketing Rebellion [New]

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In this short ten-minute episode Chris talks about the new book by marketing wise guy Mark Schaeffer titled, Marketing Rebellion – the most human company wins. Schaeffer talks about the importance of adjusting to the new culture of buying: connecting with real humans. The book is filled with stories and data and cutting edge marketing advice. (This is not an affiliate show–I just love this book)


Links & Show Notes:

1. Why consumers aren’t responding to ads like they used to.

2. The value of long-term strategic marketing over short-term tactics-based marketing.

3. Why career authors need to think of themselves as brands and business owners.

4. The four principles that guide personal brand success:

  • Accurately define your place.
  • Define a space to tell your story.
  • Create effective content (this is called content marketing).
  • Build an actionable audience.

5. Why all this is important to you.


Link to Mark Schaeffer’s book, Marketing Rebellion