Episode 134 – How Good Copywriting Sells More Books

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In this episode we revisit our interview with Brian Meeks a few weeks back on how to write good book descriptions and step up your copywriting game. There is an update about Amazon ads at the beginning of the interview.

Show Notes & Links:

-Are the new lockscreen ads (Amazon) the old product display ads?

-Why the goal in copywriting is not the same as in writing a book.

-The difference between structure in ad copy and prose writing.

-Why using a summary of your book as a description to sell your book is a bad choice.

-Why authors hate copywriting and Brian’s solution.

-What is a hook and why every piece of copywriting needs one.

-Should you put your social proof (Amazon bestseller, USA Today bestseller) in your book description?

Links: click ’em, they’re live:

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