Episode 133 – The Best Book Promotions Tool Out There

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In this episode Chris interviews Ricardo Fayet, one of the founders of Reedsy, about their new Book Promotions Services data base. This searchable data base helps authors find specific promotions that fit their platform level, their budget, and their goals.

Show Notes & Links:

-What in the heck is Reedsy?

-Sorting through the Book Promotions Services data base by criteria.

-How was the Reedsy list curated?

-Is a BookBub Featured Deal really worth the investment?

-What are the best alternatives to a BookBub Featured Deal?

-Why a lack of budget shouldn’t stop you from applying for a BookBub Featured Deal.

-What is the value of running free promotions?

-Ricardo’s smarty pants tips: why authors don’t need to be doing everything.

Links – Click ’em they’re live:

Reedsy.com website

Reedsy Book Promotions Tool 2019

Link to Becca’s new nonfiction book (a sneak peek)