Episode 121 – How to Put Together a Killer BookBub Ad

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Part two of three on becoming a BookBub ads expert. If you haven’t listened to part one, click here and listen first. Then come back!



In this episode David and Chris discuss the tips and tricks to images and targeting on BookBub ads. It’s not like Facebook or Amazon ads, so you need to know the guidelines for maximum results.

Show Notes & Links:

-Why you should test your BookBub ads using the Amazon US Kindle store.

-The anatomy of a killer ad: why you need to know how to put an engaging image together.

-The #1 reason you shouldn’t use BookBub’s generated ads image.

-How learning to do your own images with the help of a tool like Canva will help you in other ways besides just ads.

-Should a book cover be front and center on a BookBub ad?

-Why we need to analyze and understand what our cost-per-click buys us on the different ad platforms.

-Targeting options on BookBub ads are different than other platforms. Why targeting mega authors doesn’t work there.

-Understanding target audiences and author targets on BookBub ads.

-How to target multiple genre authors.

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