Episode 114 – All You Need to Sell More Books [Part One]

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In this episode Chris lays the foundation for the “less is more” system of selling more books with less marketing. This week, Chris shows you the first part of that “less is more” marketing equation (The Big Three + platform-specific promotions) by defining the three goals and three platforms you need to establish. Part one of two.

Show Notes & Links:

– “Less is more marketing” requires more attention to detail, laser-focused strategy, and requires you to let go of FOMO and the splatter method of marketing.

-You need The Big Three Platforms:

1. A professional website – what does a professional website look like?

2. An interactive email strategy-the ultimate email resource

3. A primary social media channel for engagement-the urge to engage on every social media channel is your biggest waste of time

Each of those three must have strategies to meet the Big Three Goals:

1. Discovery – find new readers.

2. Sales – lead readers to opportunities to buy your books.

3. Develop loyalty – strategies to turn your readers into raving word-of-mouth marketers.

Links: click ’em, they’re live:

Link to last week’s podcast that describes author platform levels

Link to podcast with Tammi Labreceque on email marketing

Link to Joanna Penn’s tutorial on how to set up a website

Link to get my latest book, The Author’s Guide To Sell More Books With Less Marketing